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    Spit it out, how many of you are stoked to see him at Coachella hahaha

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    This isn't gona go well

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    Quote Originally Posted by TickleMeElmo View Post
    Coachella will come out of the closet announcing it's gay. Most will applaud it while some will sell their passes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wazzzzzup928 View Post
    Is Xanman really big enough to sub?
    Is Motorave going to bring enough special guests with him?
    Is Nathan Fairchild's set going to be less awesome when I reflect back on it in a few months?
    Is Bumblebee's set going to consist of her just reading coachella facts for 50 mins?
    Is Guedita going to sound more like Karin O or Alice Glass?
    Is MJA going to be the first true EDM headliner?
    So many questions...

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    Should be fun. Wonder which million version of Spaceman we are going to hear.

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    The Daft Punk trap remix one ft Pitbull
    Quote Originally Posted by Drewski27 View Post
    Wouldn't it be hilarious if Daft Punk were to play, but at the end, they take of their helmets and it was Justice all along? And they're all like "We are Juusteeeece!"

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