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Thread: Best Day Of Coachella of All Time

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    Quote Originally Posted by fetuspiniata View Post
    Everyone should list their top 3 and list all the years they went to put it in perspective!

    1.Saturday 2008- ManMan-> MGMT-> Boys Noize-> Erol Alkan-> Hot Chip-> Kraftwerk-> Portishead-> Prince
    Man that sounds like the greatest day ever D:

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    The best day was the day TOOL played.

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    The best day was the first time I walked on to the polo field in '99.

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    Last year when David Hasselhoff was driving KITT around backstage.

    My actual favorite moment was 2 years ago when we were parked next to Jimmy Eat World's bus backstage. I was sick and after the day ended I climbed into our RV and decided to go to sleep. About an hour later a deep sounding bass began rattling the windows. Right next door some ahole was blasting music, I was not happy. Decided to look out the window to check it out. The Crystal Method had set up shop at the back of JEW's bus, huge speakers, lights...even lasers. What transpired was the most fun couple hours I have ever experienced on the festival grounds. Several dozen people who were also staying back there came out and the dance party began, many old friends were run into, everyone just hanging out until 4 or so in the morning.

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