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I still maintain I'm on the right thread. Now, the fact remains, when the many thousands of concertgoers are in their cars and trucks headed to the campsite, some may see my sprayer and say, "I have to get me one of those!" "That looks cool, and I forgot mine!" "What the heck is that? Gimme one of those sprayers!". At that moment MIC, my sprayer, will be both a great value and convenience.

Not sure why you are "risking sounding like a d***" over this in the first place?! How I make a living is my choice. I know what I'm doing, trust me. You need to chill out a bit and get excited about all the fun you are about to have this weekend! . While you do that, I am going sell a few thousand dollars worth of misters and pay sales and income taxes on every penny. It's a win-win for everyone!
Sounds like you're trying to take advantage of a high demand low supply situation and charge a markup on something you purchased for much much less. All the while taking money from concert goers, whom in this instance many of them have very little extra money to spend and had to stretch their money just to get there. I'd rather give my money to Amazon and fatten up some CEO's wallet than some local townie douche trying to take advantage of people that didn't have the foresight to get one cheaper beforehand. At the end of the day this thread is for DEALS and paying some local more than what the cheapest price is, is not a deal. You're no different than the guys that sell ice for $20 a bag in the campgrounds. Taking advantage. Get out of the DEALS thread.