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    Default Fleet Foxes

    anybody know any information regarding if they'll play at coachella or chances thereof??

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    Default Re: Fleet Foxes

    they are about to release a new record,so everything it's possible.
    coachella or @ the 'sister' festival...

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    Early in the afternoon, I was sitting with a friend in some prime Coachella real estate (i.e., shade) in 2009, when I saw two shaggy, spindly hipsters walk by, baking in the sun. They were both dressed ridiculously, with one even wearing a sweater. I thought, "What a pair of assholes, dressed like that in this heat." Moments later, I realized it was two dudes from Fleet Foxes.

    I love this band, loved their set at Coachella and in NYC several months earlier. It would be great to see them again, especially at the Outdoor Stage like last time.
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