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    I got a couple camping spots through layaway and the payment was supposed to be taken from my account on Monday, January 3rd. It's not Friday and it still hasn't been deducted. I remember the last couple years it took a few days for it to process but not almost a week. Just wondering if this was the case with anyone else or if I should start worrying.

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    You could probably get the exact answer in your case by emailing

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    Mine has been processed. Better hit 'em up.
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    If you didnt have enought money for the entire amount to be taken out then it would not process. Call them and change it to a credit card that has enough money for the entire amount to be taken out. But it will only take out the amount it said it would.

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    yea shoot them an email because if you didn't have the $$ to make the payment it could have gotten cancelled ....

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    I emailed Frontgate yesterday and got a reply in less than an hour. Everything's sorted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlayaDelWes View Post
    You could probably get the exact answer in your case by emailing
    no, they need to email frontgate, the company doing the layaway ticketing.
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    good catch, dani :P

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