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    my cat seems to like getting bumped ugly by male cats so i figured i'd give it what it wants a sex change. also it watches alot of crying game bill and ted etc... discuss

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    "getting bumped ugly" is the WORST phrase.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hannahrain View Post

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    Through the power of Jesus and at least 9 seminars, payable by cash and major credit cards, I could get your cat on its hetero, God-fearing feet in no time. Just PM me for more information. Praise the Lord!! Cash is preferred.

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    Alias rampage 2010

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    ..."lol, Randy?"

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    You just need to accept him for the way he is.

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    hahahahha fucking awesome

    boardie of the year material.

    Kamasi Washington @ Indy 02/25/16
    Neurosis @ Regency Ballroom 03/04/16 & 03/05/16
    David Crosby @ Aladdin Theater 03/12/15
    The Cure @ Shoreline Ampitheater 05/26/16
    Quote Originally Posted by Ardentbiscuit View Post

    Last time I went to that venue it was kind of scuzzy, it might be better now that was a while ago. I remember there was a line for the restroom and the girls were pooping on the floor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RotationSlimWang View Post
    Say goodbye to that acid, Greg.

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