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Thread: First Time Trying stuff At Coachella

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    Let's hear those stories mothafuckas!
    I'ma ball at the mall shuttin' down the sea wall

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    Yeah anybody doin the Thorazine shuffle? Lose yr shit? Anybody experience humanity's scourge of the earth & omnipotent terror of finding who you really are on the fields? Please share your experiences.
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    holy shit dude
    ^I earned this.^

    "Oh this uncertainty is taking me over"

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    I mean, Salvia Divinorum is legal, so...

    or LSA seeds are legal too

    but I'm not gonna risk it. especially with a plane ride first!

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    I did a tab of LSD on saturday. Just so happened that this trip coincided with a strange and unrelated allergic reaction involving red spots on my legs and swollen hands and feet. It was a little intimidating explaining this to the medical tent in my state, but had an amazing night nonetheless thanks to Darkside's performance.

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    I tried LSD for the first time on W1 Saturday since I didn't wanna roll twice in a row. I don't know if it was just crappy, actually just nbome, or if it was a low dose on the sugar cube, but I mostly just felt drunk and faded, and a little giddy. A second tab probably would have helped but there was none left. The most fun part of the experience was me and my little brother going back to camp to grab a little kids panda bear kite we had bought during the pre-fest walmart stock up to sneak back in to the festival. Once inside we attached some bracelet glow sticks and flew it during the big wind storm. Sleigh Bells was on the outdoor and we would just hand it to random people walking by in the backfield. It was a fun WTF moment for the unsuspecting. Who needs to wait in line to hold coachella's balloons?
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