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    I have room in my spaciously large and private yard for up to twenty guests and/or tents for Thursday through Monday. My house is only five miles west of the venue on Avenue 52. Outdoor sanitation facilities will be provided. Make an offer to hold your spot at El Rancho Coachella. My email is Thank you!

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    52 becomes Sinaloa 4 miles West of the venue...
    Youth, you son of a bitch, where did you go?

    Quote Originally Posted by Emma Ocean View Post
    so I assume you've never been cunt punched at a festival? Well lucky you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheddar's Cousin View Post
    52 becomes Sinaloa 4 miles West of the venue...
    Yah, I was thinking there's a mountain less than 5 miles west, and you'd be halfway up it.
    Its like the Infinite Monkey Theorem, if you put X amount of monkeys in a room with a typewriter and ask them to give you Shakespeare 99% of them will fling their shit at you while the other 1% will masturbate in the corner.

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