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Thread: 10 Worst Shows/Sets of 2016

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    Default 10 Worst Shows/Sets of 2016

    Brian Wilson - I grew up with the Beach Boys, saw the other version a few times this year and they crushed it. This poor dude is a total vegetable now, propped up in front of the piano mumbling along and you can't tell even tell if he is really playing or singing while the otherwise highly talented band looks upon their meal ticket in pity.

    Lush @ Coachella - the buzz and anticipation around this band was incredible but the reality was Cocteau Twins lite.

    Michael Monroe - too much obscure solo material and not enough Hanoi Rocks songs. How about quit bouncing around so much and just sing the hits?

    Radiohead @ Shrine Auditorium - Boring. Sounds like a bunch of whining and moaning. I just don't get this band.

    Desert Trip weekend 1/day 1: Bob Dylan, the video screens were off while he just sorta incoherently mumbled. The lady next to me asked if he was going to do Highway 61 and I said he did it 3 songs ago.

    Then the Rolling Stones come out strong with Start Me Up but the set quickly devolves with filler tunes like You Got Me Rocking and a ten minute version of Out Of Control, but they don't play Angie, Paint It Black, Hang Fire, Shattered. Who the hell is paying $1000 to hear that? They lost the crowd by the third song. At least they learned their lesson and did it right the 2nd weekend but it sucked for us who laid out the big bucks for the first show.

    Temple Of The Dog - Too much of a good thing. If they just did the album and said goodnight, it would have been great. I fell asleep sometime during the 2nd hour and one of the many unnecessary filler tracks.

    The Cure - I guess it looks good on paper but everyone around me was just chatting like it was background music and the people who were left 3 hours later only came alive during the hits laden final encore. Boring. With few exceptions, you gotta have a LOT of hits to make a show over 90 minutes work. And try to spread them out a bit more evenly.

    Bruce Springsteen at the LA Sports Arena 3/19. He can play almost 4 hours but no Born In The USA, Glory Days, My Hometown or I'm On Fire? No wonder he is one of the most hated men in music.

    Guns N Roses at the Troubadour - I was expecting a reunion, instead we get the same scab band only with talentless hacks Slash and Duff on board and Fat Axl limping around the stage. What a disappointment.

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    Default Re: 10 Worst Shows/Sets of 2016

    I mean,nobody can compare to Starship.
    12/16-18 Day for Night

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    was in Vegas Wednesday night and Elton John ate during the George Michael tribute song

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    Default Re: 10 Worst Shows/Sets of 2016

    Some guy opening for DJ Shadow was the saddest attempt at being a DJ that I've ever seen. That's the only thing that stands out for me from 2016

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