It's time for Coachella, so bring the HYPE. Same 5 playlists from previous years, plus 3 new ones (check out What ✌️⌚️4 for a cheat sheet.) Composed of primarily recent tracks with a splash of classic hits, the intent is for this compilation to be a snapshot of what each artist brings to the table. This compilation is one that will be continually updated through Coachella Weekend 2, as many artists are likely to release new music in anticipation of the coveted annual festival. If you enjoyed this compilation, please share the compilation and the contents of this post with your friends to build the excitement and magic that takes place every April. Alternatively, use this as that extra nudge to convince those still on the fence. Coachella truly is must at least once in your life. See yall in the desert!

Coachella 2018: Chill [Electronic]

Coachella 2018: Rage [Electronic]

Coachella 2018: Lit [Hip Hop/R&B]

Coachella 2018: Rock Solid [Alt/Punk/Rock]

Coachella 2018: Sing With Me [Indie/Pop/R&B] [Alt/Rock/Pop]

****New Playlists****

Coachella 2018: What ✌️⌚️4

Coachella 2018: Mystery 🎁 [Genre Benders/Espaņol/日本語/한국어]

Coachella 2018: Cafe Silver Lake [Indie/Folk/Pop]