i'm sorry for this pointless rant, but i'm a little irritated right now.

as i've posted before, my room is an hour away from the festival. this is because i "only" booked 2.5 months in advance and (more importantly) because i can not afford 300 dollars a night for 4 nights. i know how business works and i understand supply and demand, but it's pretty fucking sad that coachella has become something only rich people can afford to do comfortably. those of us who live outside of california have to spend a fortune to get there. sure, i could camp i suppose. then i'd have to shell out money for a tent/supplies and fucking die of heat exhaustion and no sleep every day. i've done that at a festival before (not coachella) and it was one of the most horrible times i've ever had. i just spent 30 minutes going through "offers" people were giving me for rooms. rooms that would normaly cost 60 bucks a night are now 300. literaly. people are renting out their fucking spare room for 300 dollars a night. even if i COULD afford that i wouldn't pay it. it's fucking ridiculous. as it is (staying an hour away) this trip is costing me a grand total of 3000.00 that might not sound like a lot to you, but it sure as hell is to me. i've wanted to go to coachella since the first one and i could never afford it. now i'm going and i realize why i didn't in the past. it is -breaking- me. i know this post will get a lot of "boohoo/whatever" replies, but i also know a lot of people out there are in the same boat as me. i feel taken advantage of and ripped off. by ticketbastard, by hotels, by airlines, and probably by vendors once i get there. when did being a fan of live music start meaning you had to be loaded?