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Thread: SOMA San Diego

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    sounds like these 2 shows will be quite the board party. count me in for getting shitfaced before each one.
    Let's go on a livin' spree!

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    SOMA is hands down the worst venue in San Diego for many reasons but the #1 reason is the horrible sound there. SOMA owner Len Paul is pretty much universally hated around San Diego, as confirmed by my husband who worked for many years at a pro music shop in town and had to deal with Len's cheapness and bad attitude. SOMA has been in several different locations over the years, all of them bad. You could not pay me to go there, even to see my favorite band. It is indeed a bummer than Interpol is playing there.

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    my buddies band is playing at this shithole on September 24th, and are bringing out the rapper i manage to perform a little to try and prove a point against Soma not having hip-hop. love it.

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    I don't get why they wouldn't want hip-hop artists playing there. When I used to hang out with people who were in the "lol hxc" crowd a lot of them liked Wu-Tang and Tech N9ne and shit, seems like there would be a decent enough cross-over.

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