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Thread: Free OM Records Party in WeHo Fri 8/13 w/ Pezzner & Still Rob G

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    Default Free OM Records Party in WeHo Fri 8/13 w/ Pezzner & Still Rob G

    When:Fri 8/13 (9PM)
    Address: 8210 W. Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA
    Cost: FREE! & Do You House present:

    [[ Om Records / Freerange ]]

    For 16 years Dave Pezzner cut his chops with partner Bob Hansen asthe duo Jacob London (Classic Music, Doubledown, U-Freqs), creating eccentric house and break beat rhythms often crossing the lines between bad-ass, funky and hilarious.
    In the winter of 2008, Pezzner took to his own studio to begin work on his first solo output composing songs that are more serious, with an abstract artistic sens ibility. Quickly Dave’s catalog began to materialize with a signature sound: Lofty percussive themes with intentions to create hypnotic soundscapes for the body as well as the brain. It wasn’t long before Pezzner found his first 5 songs scooped up by London-based Freerange Records, covering the first two EP’s of his career, “Other Lover” and the epic three-part masterpiece “Almost Here.” These two EPs garnered him massive support from artists as varied as John Digweed, Laurent Garnier, Peter Kruder, Steve Bug and Ben Watt, setting up Pezzner as a producer on the rise.
    These first two releases laid a solid foundation for his career and follow-ups are now in the pipeline on Om Records, London’s Urbantorque Recordings, plus another EP for Freerange. Dave has also got an arsenal of remixes forthcoming for heavyweights including Josh Wink, Mark Farina, and Mike Monday. Its a dizzying number of releases for an emerging artist, but now that Pezzner’s stepped out on his own, he’s definitely got a lot to say.

    [[ Om Records / Inner Child + Extended Play ]]

    This LA-bound DJ served as Om Records’ A&R Director from 2004 to 2009 and has been maintaining a three years residency at the ENDUP in San Francisco. Look for Rob's latest projects AND remixes on Om, Chillin' Music and Native Soul. @
    8210 W. Sunset Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90046

    Across from Chateau Marmont

    9pm - 2am
    21+ w/ ID

    No Cover = Free
    No Dress Code

    Official Site:
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    Default Re: Free OM Records Party in WeHo Fri 8/13 w/ Pezzner & Still Rob G

    Nice, pezzner is pretty good, and free is a great price.
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    I'm down with westside again

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