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Thread: the Oakland Fox Theater

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    Default the Oakland Fox Theater

    I'm trying to buy tickets to the black keys and flaming lips shows, but ticketmaster only has balcony seats left. i'm just wondering if you're able to still go stand on the main floor if you have seat tickets... or are you stuck in the seats? how far is the balcony from the stage? i just don't want to spend all that money and have to be really far from the stage
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    Default Re: the Oakland Fox Theater

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    Default Re: the Oakland Fox Theater

    balcony tickets do not have access to the floor.
    *based upon tedious fact checking.

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    Default Re: the Oakland Fox Theater

    What a fantastic question. Yes, those individuals who waited longer to purchase their tickets and therefore are only able to secure seating in the balcony area also get access to the floor. I leave it to you to determine what might then be the benefit of actually being timely and buying floor seats.

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    Default Re: the Oakland Fox Theater

    Balcony isn't that great at the Fox and I was 1st row for the Pixies, Loge or Mezz seemed alright.

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    I wish the Fox Theatre had a summer pass like water parks did when we were kids (maybe they still do). You know, buy a summer pass for some amount of money and get into every show you care to see for that price. The more shows you see, the more money you start to save. The "lineup" at the Fox this summer (and last summer) is fantastic. Shit, i drive from fuckin Reno (and often go back the same night) several times a summer for the shows there.
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