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    I bet you'd never have guessed, but I'm from the Netherlands! :P Most of you will know our DJ's (Hardwell, Armin van Buuren, Tiesto), and Coachella will meet Wildstylez and Showtek this year, but there's so much more! So, I figured I'd introduce you guys to some of the music from our little ol' country that I really like! I'm hoping there's some stuff that you'll like as well.

    Douwe Bob
    A young singer/songwriter that's recently become popular, mostly because he was the winner of a tv show called 'The best singer/songwriter of the Netherlands'. I love his voice.

    Here's a short version of 'Stone into the river', which he played at a Dutch tv show:

    His first hit was 'Multicolored Angel'. The day after he won the contest he played it at one of the biggest radio stations, 3FM, it's still one of the best versions I've heard. I've spared you the Dutch intro :P

    Tim Knol
    The band that Douwe Bob is playing with at the radio station is the band of Tim Knol.

    One of his more recent singles is called 'Motion of Life':

    Guess I'll just post some names and links for the other bands or this will become a very very long post. All of this stuff and these bands are great though!

    Handsome Poets



    Within Temptation
    Symphonic rock/metal

    If you're into symphonic rock, metal, you will probably know Ayreon already, though it's so much more than just symphonic rock/metal. If you don't know Ayreon, you're missing out!

    This song is a part of the first Ayreon album, The Final Experiment. It's a story that you should really experience from start to end, but this is one of my favorite parts of it.

    Go Back to the Zoo
    Oh I love Go Back to the Zoo! Cool guys, great music. Here's them playing at Pinkpop, a big Dutch festival.


    Beans and Fatback

    This band doesn't exist anymore, although their singer, Jacqueline Govaert, is about to release her second solo album.

    Gotta love hardrock from the 80s!

    Not really live, obviously.

    Hope you enjoyed some of it!
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