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Thread: Glastonbury anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ardentbiscuit View Post
    I doubt this but hey...
    Definitely unlikely, but if he were to play a one-off, it would make sense that its Glatsonbury.

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    Default Re: Glastonbury anyone?

    I might go in 2014, still thinking it over...

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    Quote Originally Posted by shakermaker113 View Post
    my argument: first hand experience. your argument: someone else's video.

    besides, I never made the argument that they are never intrusive. just that I have never found them intrusive.
    The Springsteen Glasto clip made that footage close to unusable to air on TV. 45% of attendees wanted flags banned altogether when Glasto took a poll in 2009.

    Quote Originally Posted by ameeps View Post
    Oof's my first time hearing about that and it breaks my heart a little. I can't decide if i'm mad at Glastonbury or not. It would be wrong and probably go against contracts to bump someone down, but at the same time, it's also wrong to not let a dying man play with one of the greatest bands of all time. Shit. And you can't just put them on a small stage or a riot will break out. It was clearly a very difficult decision that's for sure...
    Ask the previously booked headliners, one will step aside. New orleans jazz fest had John Mayer bump himself after Springsteen wanted in last minute.

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    if I ever see you at a festival, I'll be sure to wave a flag in front of your face.
    Quote Originally Posted by Twattycakes View Post
    If Zimmer isn't on the Coachella Stage I will literally shit on my own face in disgust.

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