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Thread: Lightning in a Bottle 2017 presented by Do LaB

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    Default Lightning in a Bottle 2017 presented by Do LaB

    Lightning in a Bottle Arts & Music Festival is coming back May 24th - 29th, 2017 to the beautiful Lake San Antonio Recreation Area in Bradley, CA. Get ready for lots of NEW surprises plus the same LIB fun you know and love.


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    ---- Ticketing FAQ -----

    1. Is tent camping included in festival passes?

    Yes. Tent camping (or walk-in camping) comes with every 4 Day Weekend Pass. If you'd like to camp with your car, you'll need to purchase a Car Camping Pass in addition to your 4 Day Weekend Pass.

    2. Where do I have to park if I buy a Car Camping Pass?

    Car Camping means that you have the ability to bring your car into the campgrounds and have it with you at your camp. There is not a separate campground for people with Car Camping Passes.

    If you are planning on tent camping without a vehicle you will park your car in the General Parking Lot and walk or take a shuttle into the campgrounds.

    3. Does each passenger need to purchase a Car Camping Pass to camp with that vehicle?

    No, each adult will need a 4 Day Weekend Pass to receive their wristband and enter the festival, however you'll only need one Car Camping Pass per vehicle.

    4. Can someone else purchase a ticket for me?

    Yes, anyone else can purchase a 4 Day Weekend Pass for someone else, but know that wristbands will be shipped to the person purchasing the tickets. Address changes will be handled through our ticketing partner. Further info will be available once tickets go on-sale.

    + Got more questions? Please email support@thedolab.com16195468_1601352063214572_8728645372680018581_n.jpg
    ..:: ~The Do LaB ~ ::..
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    ..:: ~ Thank you for making Lightning in a Bottle 2013 our greatest adventure yet! ~ ::..

    ..:: ~ ~ ::..

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    Default Re: Lightning in a Bottle 2017 presented by Do LaB

    How bad are you at promoting this?
    10' - 11' - 12' W2 - 13' W1 - 14' W1 - 15' W1 - 16' W1 - 17' W1

    You're not on the lineup no one wants to see u dj. Stop. Especially if you're going to play Calvin Harris u fuckin knob... - Reeber


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    Default Re: Lightning in a Bottle 2017 presented by Do LaB

    do you think we can get the do lab's posts removed if we start reporting them as spam? or do they get a free pass for being buddies with goldenvoice?
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