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Thread: Seeking assistance in throwing my own music festival.

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    Default Seeking assistance in throwing micro-festival

    EDIT: This is happening. See poster below.


    Hey guys,

    I'm trying to throw a very small music festival in north/central Orange County. Maybe some of you here could help me with some of the logistics, given the subject matter of this board....

    I'm planning on 10-15 acts max, probably less. None of these acts are well-known so I can't imagine they'd draw more than 10-20 people each. I can't imagine more than 200 people showing up. I'm aiming for a Saturday in July. This is not a money-making venture at all; I'd even take a small loss. I'm not sure if I want to sell tickets or anything like that.

    My two biggest headaches right now are location and staging. Where the hell can I hold such an event? I want it to be outdoors so I'm thinking a park or something. There's gonna be a lot of hurdles though - getting approval from the park ranger, permit, and anyone/anything else; power/generator issues; adequate parking/circumventing regular park admission fees; enclosing the festival area if i plan to sell tickets; setting up and tearing down all in one day, or else adequately securing the area overnight; adequate lighting if i plan to run after dark; and probably other things I haven't thought of.

    Plus I'm going to need at least one if not two stages...I've been looking into mobile/trailer stages a little (and having a difficult time finding vendors) but the cost of two is almost definitely prohibitive. Just one stage, however, would greatly reduce the number of acts I could feature. I'd want a DJ spinning (preferably on some sort of platform/stage as well) while the next act sets up but I think that's going to be too many short DJ sets. With two stages I could give my DJs one decent set each. I could have one act setting up while the other performs.

    Any counsel on the above, as well as any leads on local companies that rent small stages for cheap, would be much appreciated.


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