View Poll Results: When it's already congested, is it OK to push through to the front?

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  • Yes, it's a concert. I do it all of the time and feel that people who get angry at me are unjust.

    128 24.02%
  • Yes, I think it's OK, but I don't do it.

    36 6.75%
  • No, I don't think it's OK, but it doesn't necessarily offend me and I don't get mad at the people who do it.

    121 22.70%
  • No, it's not OK. I do express my displeasures with people that try to push their way through the crowd.

    248 46.53%
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Thread: Do you think it's alright to push through the crowd to get good seats?

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    Default Do you think it's alright to push through the crowd to get good seats?

    Please vote honestly, as this has been bugging me recently.

    I always hear the whole "it's a concert, what do you expect?" argument, but I feel bad pushing through people to get to the front when they've waited there before me and there's already basically no room. I mean, yeah, it's a concert, but I think that they paid money to enjoy the concert as well, and us barging to the front when everyone's already back to back just makes the whole experience less enjoyable for everyone.

    I'm very interested in what some of the concert veterans around these parts have to say on this matter.
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