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    Hung out yesterday at Wurstkuche. Just a few quick tips. I would imagine you guys who've been there already know this so just trying to help-

    First, there's a line at the front door for ordering sausages. Get your thoughts together in advance on what you want, and then leave 1-2 persons in line to order for the group. The rest of you head over to the door on the other side of the building and secure yourselves seating in the beer garden. If you don't do it this way, and it's crowded, there's a good chance your food will show up before any seats open up.

    Also, for whoever remains standing in line to order sausages, once you've crossed the threshold of the door and are officially "inside" there is usually a guy monitoring the line bringing beers to folks standing. If you don't see him, just lean to the someone behind the counter and ask if you can get a beer while waiting on line. They'll give it to you and you can pay for how ever many you had when you finally reach the cashier to order.

    Also, if you want a liter mug of say, Spaten Pils (my beer of choice yesterday), while over on the sausage ordering side, you can ask for someone to go over to the beer garden area to bring back a liter mug- they don't keep the big liter mugs on the ordering side, even tho they have full on beer taps. They'll go get one for you though if you ask.

    Oh, and do NOT try to order a liter mug of any of the Belgian brews. That's poor form. Not only would you be picking yourself up off the ground trying to drink one, but most Belgian beers provide a glass you are supposed to imbibe from per their specific brew.

    For my part yesterday, I tried two links I haven't had yet- Austin Blues and the Duck/Jalepeno/Bacon sausage. I did the former with sauerkraut and the latter with grilled onions- FREAKIN WIN! Besides the aforementioned big liter of Spaten Pils I motored down, I also enjoyed two glasses of this on tap

    Made friends with a German exchange student and his hot Asian USC girlfriend while in line and we sat together in beer garden. Fun times! Love this place.
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