View Poll Results: Would you pay more money for a ticket if GV reduced capacity?

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  • Yes, it was too crowded this year and I am willing to pay a little more to make my Coachella experience better

    128 59.26%
  • No, the over-crowded festival is GV's mistake and they need to address that without dipping into my pockets even more

    88 40.74%
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Thread: Would you pay more $$ for a ticket if it meant reducing capacity?

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    Default Re: Would you pay more $$ for a ticket if it meant reducing capacity?

    Quote Originally Posted by GuyInTucson View Post
    Doesn't necessarily mean you make more money; just that you are better at saving. I already have a couple hundred saved up for 2011.
    This. Put $5 dollars away in a coat pocket everyday for a year and you'll have over $1800. My girlfriend and I have already saved almost enough for 1 ticket and the festival is still 10.5 months away.

    To answer the question, I would gladly pay more to ensure smaller crowds, but we all know that won't happen. That being said, I'll still have a great time at Coachella whether they cap attendance at 60 or 75K
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    No Taj Mahal or Ry Cooder? Fuck this thread.

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