Since 1986, 924 Gilman has been a collectively run, not for profit, all-ages club. While many here probably could care less about the type of music played at Gilman, it would still be sad to lose another music venue in the Bay Area.

Taken from their website:

On July 1, 2010 our rent will increase to nearly $7000.00 a month (as of now it’s approximately $4300.00), jeopardizing the future of 924 Gilman.

The club’s rent has been increasing every year for the last twenty three years, and up until now we’ve been able to make the adjustments needed to compensate for those increases, but what we are facing now is the equivalent of having twenty years of rent increases condensed into one, and once it goes into effect the clock will begin to tick away as we struggle to generate the extra $31,000.00 a year needed to cover this massive rent hike.