I wanted to get the best seat that i could for the gorillaz. I had been in the mosh for 3 previous acts throughout the weekend and it was awesome. i had some space and people were nice. this brings me to the tragedy of sunday night. i got to the set an hour and half early. I love the gorillaz and have never been a huge fan of radiohead/thom yorke. I know i will be flamed for this, i just never really got into it. Regardless, i first get into the mosh about 10 people back from the right screen and while standing there some asshole puts his cig out on my ankle. Then a half hour later everybody shoves in and we are standing like sardines, no room to move. the guy behind me is 50 year old fucked up dirtbag who insists on having his junk basically inside my butt. i move my hips forward and my shoulders back. he does the exact the same thing moving his hips forward and shoulders back so his junk is still in my butt. next their is a 16 year old kid who is rolling on my right and for an hour and a half straight he is rocking back and forth hitting me every single time. if i leaned away he would rock all the way until he touched my arm and then rock the other way and repeat. i stuck my arm out and every single time he would bump into me. for an hour and a half straight. then the guy who put his ciggarette in my ankle was also a 50 year old fucked up dirtbag who is so fucked up falls over in the mosh and has the creepiest grin on his face that ive ever seen. scared the hell out of me and third there was 3 crowd surfers who came from behind and nailed me because i couldnt see them obviously. just a terrible terrible crowd. it was awful.

I shouldve gone to thom yorke.