All in all I have to say my experience at Coachella was a positive one this year. It took me only 20 minutes to get in and within an hour I was setup and ready to go. The weather was spectacular; couldn't have asked for better weather, really!! I saw a lot of good bands that I wouldn't have otherwise, and some that I will search out, like RX Bandits. I found some good food, the nachos from that place over by the ferris wheel were great. I never had to wait very long to get a beer. The port o potties inside were relatively clean most of the time. And I also met some very nice peopleani, Dana, Ty, that guy from Arizona, and my camp neighbors(thanks for directions for my trip, it was kind of rained out). Yeah, I could complain about a few things, but I would rather be a Posichella. See you next year!