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    I think im going this year to wean myself off of coachella. Who is down? who has been? how is it? is it coachella esque? different-better? different-worse? different-different? its so close to LA too, and cheap!!

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    I saw this poster while there and thought it looked pretty good. the HARD LA might be something I'm a bit more inclined to. MIA and Sleigh bells? Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
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    Go in when doors open. Buy your shit. Go back to the car and lock it up. Get a beer at your car. Go back in. See some art. Watch first band.
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    I really wish it was called Titter, I'd teet all day long if that were the case.

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    There is a thread for this under other music festivals where your questions have been answered.
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    I just want to ingest mind-altering chemicals and get my mind blown by tribal lasers.
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    I would rather have an auctioneer mc DnB sets

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    be sure to check out Vokab Kompany this year...
    every day, every year

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    sorry about the rethread, thanks for the link. let us allow this thread to die peacefully.

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