First off, I dont know if this belongs in Past Experiences or the Camping Section, but w/e.

To get to the point....

Did anyone else experience the shit-show that was Sunday night on the campgrounds after the last set finished? I understand if you were to tired and just passed out, but wandering the campgrounds from about 12am-6am just completely changed my thoughts on Coachella 2010. The campgrounds were like a giant detox tank for a bunch of strung-out people that just refused to stop partying. I literally could just walk out of my tent and start cracking up just looking at the pure chaos and mayhem ensuing the campgrounds.

It was sooo funny seeing the word party being broken down too its bare elements by the end of the night. We went from over-produced DJ sets at the beginning of the night too people starting mini-dance parties because some guy was beating on a cone that made some strange bass sounds. It was seriously the most tribal thing I have ever seen or been a part of.

I myself was too tired to go out the other two nights so I can't accurately say if this was any different from the other two nights. Chances are it was though, because Friday & Saturday they actually had real Dj's spinning. Also, the only reason I was out partying Sunday was because I wasnt ready for Coachella to finish and I am sure there were a bunch of other people that thought this way.

So did anyone else take part in the tribal mayhem that was Sunday night? Any Stories?