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Thread: Camping site photos of layout

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    Did anyone get any wideshots or video of the camping area? I'm always fascinated with the logistics and layout of festival camping. I have some photos of Bonnaroo, and would be interested in comparing.

    Also, has anyone seen any aerial photographs from this year? There is a great one on flickr from last year and it would be neat to do a side-by-side comparing car camping this year to how it was in the past.

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    Default Re: Camping site photos of layout

    Video from the top of my RV in the south of the Eldorado 2 lot:

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    click on the ones in the camping area. interestingly enough the first view you get when you click on the middle panorama in the campgrounds is of my groups campsite. the blue accord and the 3 cars on both sides were our campsite. pretty fuckin rad.

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