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    Default Katie Miller-Heidke

    Was the opening set of the festival and one of my favorites of the weekend. Simply put, wow.

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    Default Re: Katie Miller-Heidke

    i had no idea who she was, and as walked by the gobi i just heard this chick just wailing, and proceeded to have her voice blow my mind. Great surprise!

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    Default Re: Katie Miller-Heidke

    Facebook song was hysterical.........IGNORE!

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    Default Re: Katie Miller-Heidke

    Awesome start to my day!
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    Sounds like a mashup of Benny Benassi, Spice Girls, and feces. I was really hoping for a Paris Hilton DJ set :/
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    Got there early to start the festival off and see her and P.O.S. Fantastic way to start it off, she was on point and had a great presence! Her husband Keir was great too!
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    Default Re: Katie Miller-Heidke

    great start to the festival. i loved when she would go into that crazy falsetto.

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    I wanted to see her quite badly. Love that song "Politics in Space" - but the line madness at the entrance and the stupid event staff telling us to stand in the wrong lines meant too much waiting and not enough getting in to see an early act I really wanted to see.
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    She def did an amazing job. For someone who has never heard of her I was absolutely impressed.

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    Default Re: Katie Miller-Heidke

    Missed her at Coachella, but she shredded my eardrums at Ben Folds last night.

    Fantastic singer with a great personality, funny songs, and wicked cute. Not to be missed!

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    Default Re: Katie Miller-Heidke

    She was AMAZING and thats not falsetto, she is a trained opera singer. Couple of songs I was hoping for that weren't done but that did not detract from how AWESOME she was. I didn't realize her outward appearance was as beautiful as her voice!
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    Default Re: Katie Miller-Heidke

    Change that fucking avatar Spinecraft. I HATE that fucking picture.

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    Default Re: Katie Miller-Heidke

    Yeah, I missed her at Coachella but caught her opening for Ben Folds. She's amazing live, at least with the minimalist set up of just her and her husband on guitar. Her recordings don't really do justice to how she sounds live, because it sounds like electropop junk recorded, but live she has a simple and amazing presence. Great stuff.
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    Default Re: Katie Miller-Heidke

    Popped my Coachella cherry. It was a great performance and that facebook song is great.
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    Default Re: Katie Miller-Heidke

    Wow, I thought this thread had died! Glad to see others were there to see her. In my top 10 of the weekend, for sure.

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