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Thread: Coachella Glasses

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    We're driving out to the desert right now! The plan is to upload the photos to the site and Facebook each morning, but we're also posting throughout the day on Instagram at @coachellaglasses.

    Can't believe its finally here!!!

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    We've posted our pics from Coachella 2013 Friday on Facebook and on the website! Gotta get to the fest for more!

    p.s. Sprint sucks on the polo field. Tough to Instagram on site.

    And we're off like a herd of turtles!

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    i hope i find you so i can break these pair of glasses.

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    Talking Re: Coachella Glasses

    Great news!!! We didn't run into any douchebags trying to break the glasses! YAY!

    We've posted all of our Coachella 2013 Weekend 1 photos on Facebook and on our site. Take a gander and tag yourself if we crossed paths!

    Thanks for another amazing (and dusty) weekend! We'll be back at it in a few days!

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    We just posted our Weekend 2 photos. Work got in the way of our Friday fun, so we only made it to the festival on Saturday and Sunday. It was a hot one!
    and on Facebook

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    We made it back for Coachella 2014 Weekend 1! It was a hot one yesterday!
    Photos are over on our Facebook page!

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