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Thread: Dirty Projectors Set List?

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    Default Dirty Projectors Set List?

    Or more importantly does anyone know what the name of that one song they played with the crazy dual female vocal line called? (Apologies if this is comparable to asking "Which fish is the one that can swim underwater?")

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    Yeah man I managed to get up front and catch the setlist after they played. Fucking awesome.

    I Will Truck
    Fucked For Life
    No Intention
    Knotty Pine
    Temecula Sunrise
    Cannibal Resource
    Remade Horizon
    Imagine It
    Stillness Is The Move

    They had written Rise Above after Imagine It but crossed it out. Also, Useful Chamber was after Stillness but they didn't have enough time to play it.

    The song you are talking about is Remade Horizon off "Bitte Orca" and hoooollyy shit was that fucking crazy. I thought it was crazy when I heard it on the album but I had no idea they could pull that shit off live. That song after it was fucking nuts too with the two guitar lines going. I can't believe that dude and girl can sing to the shit they play. They blew my mind so hard.
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    Default Re: Dirty Projectors Set List?

    Tied with FlyLo for best set on Saturday. So fuckin talented. Cute girls too.

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    Default Re: Dirty Projectors Set List?

    Didn't those fucking balloons bother anybody else? Totally distracted from the show. Lame.

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    Default Re: Dirty Projectors Set List?

    Dude the balloons and beach balls being bopped around during EVERY SET annoyed me more than anything else this weekend....totally unnecessary distractions. The Dirty Projectors were one of my top 3 sets of the weekend though, best on Saturday by far. Amazing musicians.

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    Stiiiiill counting on caaaanibal resoooource. Yeaaah!

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    Default Re: Dirty Projectors Set List?

    Should have closed with Imagine It.

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