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Thread: Lost my sd card wallet at Coachella :(

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    Default Lost my sd card wallet at Coachella :(

    I lost a SD card "wallet" tonight at Coachella. Inside was a blue colored Patriot brand 16GB sdhc card and a black with white label Patriot brand 32GB sdhc card.

    Realize this is a long shot and I figure I'll never get my stuff back, but thought I'd throw this up here and maybe hope someone might have found it. One of the cards is blank and the other has some video footage I shot on my digital camera tonight. Specifically some stuff from Them Crooked Vultures, Echo and the Bunnymen, and LCD Soundsystem.

    I last had the card wallet in the Mojave tent during Imogen Heap. That's when I made a card swap. So it either fell out of my bag there, or in the Gobi during Little Dragon or at the main stage before Jay-Z. I dunno.
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    Default Re: Lost my sd card wallet at Coachella :(

    That sucks. Try the lost & found. The emergency places also have lost & found containers - try them all. I found someone's car keys in the Sahara & turned them in. It would suck to be that person. Ha.
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