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    Probably not deserving of its own thread so apologies. I just did an address change at the DMV for my license. They took my Driver's license and punched a hole in it and handed me back a temporary permit with my new address.

    Question- is this going to a problem for alcohol ID at the festival? I just tried to buy beer at Trader Joe's out here in Rancho Mirage and they hassled me because the license a hole punched in it (even though I was showing them the accompanying temp permit along with it). I have a passport but it's back in LA and I am not relishing the thought of driving back for it.

    Thanks for any help.

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    People at grocery stores really aren't all that hip to id's. I once used a passport to buy liquor at a Pavillions i'd shopped at for a little over 7 years. The chick hassled me HARD bc apparently she didn't think it was legal or Pavillions policy to use a passport for id.

    I'd show the id checkers both and if they hassle you, stand your ground, hold up the line, and argue that it is indeed a legal form of id. You might get lucky that they'll get annoyed and give you a band. Or you may get lucky and they realize it's still a legal form of id. Either way, good luck.

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    Thanks lagirl. Of course I am hopeful I'll be helped along by the fact it is fairly obvious I am over the age of 21... dammit!

    Also, not to be a creep, but if that's you in your avatar- hubba! Have a good fest.

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    I think it's obvious to me that I'm over 21, but I still get carded pretty damn hard. Idk. Good luck.

    Lol... thanks. You're sweet. Yeah, it's me on my last surfing trip.

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