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    I have a backpack that looks like a monkey, has a stuffed monkey head on it...would this be considered a 'stuffed animal'? Just want to know if I should bring a back up...THANK YOU in advance!

    here's a pic if it helps...
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    yes, you should.

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    You're probably fine
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    a backpack shaped like a monkey is probably one of the more normal things you'll see at coachella

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    I dont mean if its normal i mean because in the rules it says 'No stuffed animals' but i wonder if they would consider this a stuffed animal? AH someone please tell me

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    it's going to depend on the individual opinion of the security guard. There is no way to answer that question the way you want.
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    monkey on, brotha! (or sista)
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    In 2006 and 2007 I kept seeing these little kids (as in under 6) with little fuzzy stuffed animal looking backpacks on. In fact, the LA Times has a pic of one of them on her dad's shoulders with that little backpack on as she watched Eagles of Death Metal.

    I'm sure the retards working security will be able to figure out that it's not a stuffed animal. But who knows. All you can do is hope and pray that the person checking you has an iq over 12.

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