Ok, so tonight is the big Texas vs Texas A&M rematch. I've never seen nor heard of Austin being this fired up for a basketball game (and i went to school here for 6 years). For the uninitiated, Texas has a freshman forward named Kevin Durant, who, when all is said and done, has a ceiling that really cannot be stated. He's absolutely ceiling-less. Think Kobe & Lebron type of talent (possibly). The catch is, he's a 99.999% probability to go to the NBA as one of the top 2 picks in next year's draft, so the city of Austin is relishing what could quite well be the last home game of his career. Making the game more dramatic is that Texas is playing its nemesis, a Texas A&M team that also happens to be ranked 6th in the country. There are a couple certainties tonight, and a couple intriguing possibilities:

1) I WILL be developing a sudden illness that excuses me from my Int. Business class at approximately 7:35 PM tonight... That leaves just enough time for me to sprint to my car, drive 90 on H-10 and get home in time to open a bottle of wine and sit down for tipoff. Honestly, if I had to force myself to projectile vomit in the middle of the classroom, then AI would be able to do it with ease. Luckily, I've had an Upper Respiratory Infection, so this should be cake. I'll just start coughing frantically, make a half assed attempt to get water, then come back, cough until I get a concerned look, then I'm out.

2) My daughter, Harper, WILL be dressed in full Longhorn attire. Her college tuition is riding on Texas covering a 1.5 point spread. Since her arrival, Texas is a perfect 2-0 against the spread and straight up (of course, by chance, she's been wearing her Horns gear... Yeah sure, by chance...).

3) A remote control may be broken by jumping out of my hands and throwing itself at my wall.

4) There's a very remote chance my wife will ask me for a divorce, though I've also let her put a small wager on Texas. Works like a charm most of the time. She's still giddy about winning $10 on a $20 bet for "The Departed" to take home best picture...

5) I will NOT come on this board at any time tonight for any reason. Considering the Pediatrician recommended that I not breathe on the baby (even suggested that I get a mask to wear) I will also not be holding the baby. This opens up the possibility for 2-4 bottles of wine to be consumed. If that number happens to trend towards the 4, I will also be sleeping on the couch, possibly not voluntarily.

6) I will NOT be surprised when this thread is clogged with a bunch of trash-talking shittiness, trite attempts at humor, and otherwise dickish behavior... So have at it...