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Thread: Tickets For Sale (Face Value) - So Cal Edition

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    Default Tickets For Sale (Face Value) - So Cal Edition

    To avoid any confusion in the threads. Sell your extra tickets here! Face value only please.

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    Don't ever include Thrice in a fucking Sigur Ros thread.
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    Maybe more people would give a shit if he died two weekends in a row.

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    Default Re: Tickets For Sale (Face Value) - So Cal Edition

    quick some one buy my extra pavement ticket before ecalcott sell his

    $40 which is alot cheaper than $53

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    I went to my first sex party this past May, in the Hollywood Hills. It was alright. The decor was très chic. Mid-Century Modern, sunken living room and all.

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    I want to punch that woman.

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    Default Re: Tickets For Sale (Face Value) - So Cal Edition

    Are you stupid OP? There are people offering over face value all over the board.
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    Shut the fuck up you pussy. If you dont get down with Westside Connection you have no credibility in the music world what so-ever. Get off these forums you *** *** and go bump your N'sync
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    I'm down with westside again

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