I know I'm not alone here but maybe somebody can help out a four-year vet? Because of my friend not being able to get off work, I'm only going to Coachella Saturday and Sunday. Since I wasn't going all three days and there were no single day passes this year (instead there were supposedly going to be pro-rated kiosks) I did not buy tickets in advance and now they are sold out. I am willing to pick them up and pay a little more than face (even though I'm only going two days). This will be my fourth year and I'm driving to Indio whether I have a ticket in hand or not, but it would be nice to take care of it beforehand for peace of mind. I'm actually going to be in Vegas the next few days so I can pick up there or he can pick up the the LA area. I'm also willing to pick up a single ticket if you don't have two.

Please call 310-720-1359. Thanks.