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    I'm at that point where I'm all antsy and drunky, so we might as well.

    That's not the lyric, by the way.

    It's pretty fuckin simple, you correctly name the band and then you can leave a lyric of your own, and so on, and so on, and so on, like Kubla Khan. Must be a Coachella 2010 performer, hints are discretionary. I'll start with two, cuz its double the pleasure.

    Friday band:
    Now I'm aware I can't stop the repeating alone
    Here in this place
    I get peace, I get war, I get on

    Saturday band:
    I believe, in a house in the clouds
    & God's got His dead friends 'round
    He's painted all the walls in red,
    to remind them they're all dead
    No, don't, don't cut my hair, Ned loves my hair.

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    That's a cool game. You should start a thread about it.
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    Unfortunately, your answer was incorrect. You cannot post a new lyric at this time.

    Good try, though! Be sure to try again real soon!
    No, don't, don't cut my hair, Ned loves my hair.

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