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Thread: Need Fri/Sat tix, have Lake Cahuilla lets make a deal!

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    Default Need Fri/Sat tix, have Lake Cahuilla lets make a deal!


    I already got my campsite at lake cahuilla. Camp spot # 050 from friday apr 27 to sunday april 29. I could prob grab April 26 (thurs) if I need it..

    Riverside County Regional Park
    & Open-Space District

    Status: CONFIRMED
    Reserved for name taken out.. Park: LAKE CAHUILLA
    Site: CAH-050

    Max People: 6
    Max Vehicles: 2

    YES, this is the much vaunted Lake Cahuilla....its been sold out for some time (as anyone knows who's searching for a place to stay) and is a very fun offsite coachella place to be!!

    Major Bummer! We already have the space and everything, but NO tix!..we'll probably goto the friday show, but we'd like to get Saturday tix.....

    So we'd be VERY interested in buying TWO saturday tix (if you have Friday, we'll take both days!), you could use up the other side of our reservation. We have one car and just two of us. We have room for one more car and up to 4 more people. This is for camping and the site has a fire ring, running water and electricity!!

    Its going to be me and my wife. I'm a long time coachella vet (missed the 1st one..been going since) and she's gone couple of times. We're age 26 and 35. We're coming from San Diego, CA.

    I think this is a low-stress, win-win for someone having tickets, needing a place to stay and for someone not having tickets, but has a place to stay.

    Anyhow, we're coachella focused and we're very down we'll prob just sleep, hang out then run to coachella..sleep, run to coachella..rinse lather repeat..i think most know the coachella drill when its happenin!!

    contact me at:

    oh ya, we'd go sunday but already seen the ghastly prices those tix are going for so rather not bother !!

    hope to hear from someone!! prayin' for that coachella vibe and community that's been so awesome in years past! so busted up scammers!! go away!

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    Default Re: Need Fri/Sat tix, have Lake Cahuilla lets make a deal!


    I already got my 3 day passes

    we're set

    anyone interested in my friday passes..let me know..we're 50/50 on making that..


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