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Thread: Looking for a ride/place to stay?

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    Exclamation Looking for a ride/place to stay?

    I was planing to buy a ticket at the venue but now that they are sold out there is no way I can pay 400+ for a ticket! So that leaves me a bit screwed as I already paid for accommodation with friends and for a rental van.

    So here is the deal. $200 dollars (plus paying a share for gas) gets you a ride to coachella and back from SF as well as a place to stay 15 mins from the venue (has a pool and is supposed to be a nice condo) and rides to the festival and back. Plus some great people to stay with. Seems to me to be a great deal. If you are looking for a last minute miracle here you go!

    I need to have this sorted ASAP so please be quick about this.

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    Default Re: Looking for a ride/place to stay?

    im going to assume you only have room for one person..
    i am it.

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