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Thread: Friday afternoon?

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    Default Friday afternoon?

    Hey is anyone stuck at work till Friday afternoon and driving down then? I need a ride from LA to Indio on Friday but not a ride back. Am willing to share camping space and gas expenses. Please let me know!

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    PM Sent.

    I was going to call in sick friday and head out Thursday but if we can share your camping spot I will wait and give you ride. I have a small SUV that fits five so there are 4 open spots.

    Best regards,

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    Hi. I have no more space in my tent but if you guys do go on Friday do you think I could go with you guys? I can pitch in for gas and I'm small so I won't take up too much space. : )

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    I'm coming from boston and arriving on psp on thursday

    and have a ride and camping pass already

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    Bumping thread because I still need a ride Friday afternoon. Help!

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