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Thread: Tent setups?

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    So whats crackin with how people are setting up their tents and car situation? We have 5 people in one spot and are planning on setting up two tents. My dad wants to let me borrow a 5 person tent which will fuck up all the space for anything else besides a car probably. I though I heard someone's suggestions to put up two 7x7 tents next to each other and that would fit next to a car good. This is my first year camping and just want to get it all figured out. I spray painted the dimensions in some parking lot and shit looks kinda smell. Whats everyone doing! Suggestions in saving room?

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    Honestly I have no idea. I am just gonna go and figure it out on the spot, shouldnt be to hard
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    suggestion: measure out a 10x30 and try again, can't be to hard.

    ask that question here,

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    Quote Originally Posted by vogina View Post

    X3 what i actually have; flimsy btw, but easy to setup

    10X30 storage unit , KY

    looks like one of those SeaDoo boats +sofas + washer/dryer

    Unless you have a car & 1 person tents then you will have a lot of room. If you have a Toyota 4Runner and a 10X8X? or something similar then your not going to have this vast space to pile up your friends in.
    in other words... its gonna be a little tight unless your driving a Yugo.
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    Would you be mad if my tent bled over into your territory like a foot? What if I let you bleed your tent over into my territory a foot?

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    That happens all the time ... people tend to be nice and work it out. You can not bleed over into the firelanes though; staff comes through to check and will move things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadSkin View Post
    Would you be mad if my tent bled over into your territory like a foot? What if I let you bleed your tent over into my territory a foot?
    Would you be mad if I bleed on your tent?
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