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Thread: Need 1 more at Indian Wells Resort

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    Default Need 1 more at Indian Wells Resort

    Hey all,

    We have 1 space left for someone to crash with us at Indian Wells Resort... your share of the rent would be $452, and that includes shuttle back and forth. We can also pick you up from LAX or any other airport, we'll have a car.

    We are 3 dudes from Toronto, you would be the 4th.

    We're not going to spend much time in the room, and we'll probably sleep by the pool, but it's nice to have a shower and breakfast included.

    We're also very well connected at Coachella and we'll adopt you if you're cool. If so, attending the most bad ass after parties with us is mandatory.

    If you're interested, email me at guygalbox [at] gmail [dot] com or find me on Facebook at or on twitter at @mynameisguygal.
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    Default Re: Need 1 more at Indian Wells Resort

    i'm staying at the indian wells resort too.
    just a quick question lol.

    is breakfast really included?! like for all hotel guest?! haha

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    Default Re: Need 1 more at Indian Wells Resort

    Not sure about everyone, but I know that was specified in our package.

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    Default Re: Need 1 more at Indian Wells Resort

    I'm in!

    Pick me up at SLC

    My plane gets in Friday at noon.

    Also, are you really a guygal? I've always wanted to party with one of you.
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