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    I am flying into palm springs and camping. I was wondering if it would be smarter just to wait and buy the tent and other supplies when i got there, or should i check a bag and bring a bunch of equipment with me. do the stores run out of camping supplies?

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    stores can be pretty picked over - i remember in 2007 we had a hard time finding chairs and a few other camping supplies @ the local walmart.
    if you have a cooler, the airlines generally charge the same amount to check a cooler as they do a suitcase. pack as much as you can in your cooler up to the weight limit and buy the rest when you arrive. you can pack clothes and stuff in your carry on =)

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    This holds:
    1 air matress, battery powered pump, two pillows, two sleeping bags, 1 9x9 backpacking tent, two towels, and a battery powered fan. Weighs ~40lbs and counts as one piece of checked luggage. Get your ice chest, batteries and shade at wall mart and your good to go.
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    it depends entirely on when you're arriving in the coachella valley area. if you can get to the wal-mart by noon on thursday, you're better off buying your basics (tent, poles+tarp=canopy) when you arrive. but if you wait, or arrive late, you'll be stuck with expensive options, making your checked bag fees a cheaper option. I've gone four years running now, and leave my tent and canopy at a friend's house in LA

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