Hey! We're leaving Vegas sometime around 10am(ish) Thursday for Coachella, then coming back (to Vegas) at some point Monday.

A couple potentially important points:

-We're camping, but do not have room for anymore people in our spot (between the car and 2 tents..I guess if you were really desperate you could sleep in a sleeping bag where ever you could fit, but dunno how comfy that would be..)

-We do not have any set times to be back Monday, and intend to sleep in as much as possible (which probably won't be too late since the heat plus everyone packing up their camping gear will be noisy, etc). SO if you needed to be back at a specific time (that falls before 8pm), we're probably not a good option since we plan to be very sloth like..heheh :-)

-Smoking is not allowed IN the car, but we can make pit stops, etc.

Other than that we're easy going and awesome to be around!!
(Gas would be split 3 ways)