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Thread: Monterey Bay to Coachella

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    So I rented a van and my friends now can't make it. If you need a ride down and can leave Wednesday night or possibly Thursday at the crack of dawn I can give you a lift. I am car camping so I would like to be there early enough to set up all my stuff and still party. Let me know what you can do and we can figure it out. I'd rather not have to drive a van down by myself.
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    Hi! I'm in the San Luis Obispo Area, I was wondering if you could possibly make a stopover here, I'm definitely down to leave at the crack of dawn on Thursday. Let me know?

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    what up? posted on your other thread too bro... im in grover beach just south of san luis obispo. hit me up if your cruzen this way. thursday morn is all good with me also! peace out.

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