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Thread: Coachella Lingerie Pool Party !

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    Default Coachella Lingerie Pool Party !

    This will be the most exciting nights you ever experienced and want to attend every Coachella. Going down Friday and Saturday night. Free to Attend on the Festivies only three Rules:

    Undies (Required)
    Be Respectful
    Go Crazy

    Drinks will be available, you are free to B.Y.O.B.
    Address will be posted on this page Sunday the week of Coachella. Special guest Djs from Hollywood , L.A. club Scene will be rocking it all night with Rock, Electro, House, Hiphop, anything you request.
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    Default Re: Coachella Lingerie Pool Party !

    I happen to think this is a great idea.
    Check out my video from Coachella 2009:
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    ill sleep with Jremy at the drop of a hat.

    just sayin.

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    Default Re: Coachella Lingerie Pool Party !

    uhh hell yes!!!

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    Default Re: Coachella Lingerie Pool Party !

    Quote Originally Posted by PassiveTheory View Post
    Don't have to since the San Diego board is gone, meaning I won. Deal with it.
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    Clusterfuckchella is right on the money. I'll stick to EDC thanks. :/

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    Default Re: Coachella Lingerie Pool Party !

    In order for get the invite add me on facebook

    (Yes this is real)

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    Default Re: Coachella Lingerie Pool Party !

    Sounds skanky
    "Well, that's just like, you know... your opinion, man"

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    Default Re: Coachella Lingerie Pool Party !

    how are you gonna control the dick-boob ratio??


    St.Vincent-Florence-BrandNew-Desaparecidos-OFF-ChicanoBatman-MØ-NightTerrorsOf1927-Drake... nah, just kidding, Fuck Drake

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    Default Re: Coachella Lingerie Pool Party !

    by not letting guys roll in deeply in groups like not @ all~

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    Default Re: Coachella Lingerie Pool Party !

    party time. excellent.
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    Default Re: Coachella Lingerie Pool Party !

    I woke up like this.

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    Girl, you can pound your vagina so hard in those the Sahara will feel a new kind of drop...
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    ... Keep fucking that chicken.
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    All you ladybois want inside this pink slip

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