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    Default Attn: James Barnum, ADA Coordinator ada (at

    Hello I'm am trying to find out about
    Wheelchair & Companion Seating
    I Have a titanium rod in my femur, and screws in my knee and hip
    It is pain and hard for me to stand all day .
    Also i just found out i'm pregnant and become fatigued easily
    I am staying at a hotel and plan to come for the evenings when the weather cools down
    I am wondering if i could receive the seating pass.
    and if you would like me to bring proof of my pregnancy,
    the scars on my leg are plane to see.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Attn: James Barnum, ADA Coordinator ada (at

    From what I remember from from past years,they have these raised platforms that are wheelchair friendly. Seemed that these platforms gave a pretty good view of the show.Hope this helps out a bit.
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