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Thread: About buying tickets online

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    Default About buying tickets online

    I'm afraid if the festival sells out before I get the rest of the money that I'll have to buy from craigslist or something. Does anyone have any advice on buying from people on the board or craigslist etc?

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    Default Re: About buying tickets online

    You can never be sure if the tix you are buying are legit if you buy them this way. If you must buy them this way, use paypal. Never ever ever ever Western Union.

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    Default Re: About buying tickets online

    also check stubhub, they are not crazy priced right now.
    "It's in the K" - Martha Stewart

    Since the show list is very minimal...
    August 29 // Chemical Brothers w/ Chromeo & Yacht @ Hollywood Bowl
    September 26 // Vampire Weekend w/ Beach House & the Very Best @ Hollywood Bowl
    October 5 // ARCADE FIRE @ Henry Miller Library
    October 13 // Corin Tucker Band @ The El Rey
    (someone should give me Sufjan Stevens tickets, aint got none of those)

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    Default Re: About buying tickets online

    Hey, thanks beavington, I found 4 tickets on there for 215 each!(plus neccessary service charges) and we saved quite a bit of money. And, I know I can trust them because of their guarantee. Right?
    Anyway, thanks!

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