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Thread: Camping activities, join in?

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    Default Camping activities, join in?

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    I'm really excited about the "lock-in" (since your car is stuck at your site) camping this year and am hoping it will give more of a community feel to things (like Bonnaroo?). Our camp is thinking of having fun activities for other campers like squirt guns, free glitter and decorate your own cookies... I know people do this sort of thing at Burning Man, but will it work here? I think some people have done slip and slide before...

    Any other good ideas?

    Who's with me?

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    Default Re: Camping activities, join in?

    some girls we are camping with are bringing a bunch of beads and plan to make some pretty crafty bracelets and necklaces for people passing by our campsite all weekend. i thought it was a nice gesture, so if your reading this and you receive a bracelet or necklace from some hot women at a tent where a canadian/columbian flag are being flown be sure to say HI! HI! HI!

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