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Thread: Southbay.....Coachella bound?

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    Default Southbay.....Coachella bound?

    I live in Manhattan Beach................My friends have flaked............anyone from my hood going to coachella...............

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    Default Re: Southbay.....Coachella bound?

    Coachella Bound here.... oh wait, sorry.
    Coachella 07 (the introduction), 08 (the bands), 09 (the documentary), 10 (the people i came with), 11 (the relationship test... we passed), 12 (whatever the weather, Dirty Epic forever), 13 (the year of the troll)


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    Default Re: Southbay.....Coachella bound?

    All my friends opped out on not going im headed out there myself solo...
    San Pedro, Ca....
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    Default Re: Southbay.....Coachella bound?

    I'm headin out from Redondo Beach on thursday evening.
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    Default Re: Southbay.....Coachella bound?

    Headed out from Hermosa Beach on Thursday afternoon.
    2/28 - Caribou - Fonda
    3/05 - Swervedriver - Roxy
    3/06 - Viet Cong - Echo
    4/08 - Drive Like Jehu - Glass House
    4/14 - Ride - Fox Pomona

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    Default Re: Southbay.....Coachella bound?

    Are you driving? I need a ride from RB Friday afternoon.

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    Default Re: Southbay.....Coachella bound?

    I need a ride Friday afternoon from Redondo...

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